INGER is a unique singer and songwriter who has enjoyed a wider audience since 2017, when the Youth Band became a finalist. Skillful songwriting and captivating melodies are the keywords that accompany him, and the two were highly appreciated by the Estonian Song Jury and the audience, who together awarded INGER the finalist place in 2019 and 2020.

The best amount of pop music mixed with a slightly more alternative tone creates an interesting sound language that offers both excitement and warm recognition joy to both larger and smaller listeners. Music is a refuge for a large number of people, and INGER knows perfectly well how to revive a sweetest hug from a sweetheart or a long memory of a moment together.

The singer is also facing a new breath for the beginning of the year – previous years have provided knowledge and experience in every area of ​​life, and the audience will benefit from it through fresh creations and a renewed line-up.



16/06 Concert of Rõuge municipality students
03/07 Pärnu County Old School Café
30/07 Linnamäe Concerts Day



Greten Lehtmaa | Manager