INGER is a unique singer and songwriter who has been able to enjoy a wide audience since 2017, when he was among the finalists of the Noortebänd competition. Skillful songwriting and captivating melodies are keywords that accompany him, and these two aspects were also highly appreciated by the Estonian Song jury and the audience, who together awarded INGER the place of finalist in 2019, 2020 and 2023.

In addition to local stages, INGER has also performed in the USA, China, Holland, Germany and Latvia. In terms of genre, INGER plays with pop music and a more alternative tone, creating a captivating sound language that offers both excitement and warm recognition. He knows perfectly how to revive the sweetest hug or a long-ago memory.

In 2022, INGER released his short debut album “Higher Self”, which tells about a years-long journey to find himself.

In the past, INGER’s music has been in English, but in 2023, in June, INGER released its first single in Estonian, “Nähtamatu”. In the same year, the song “Põled kui suvi” was also released. The year 2024 began with the third single in Estonian, “Öösegadus”. In the spring of 2024, INGER released a very summery song “jah, sa oled see”.

Just as INGER’s music has developed and expanded in terms of genre over the years, so has his stage line-up. In addition to INGER’s solo performances, a band consisting of young top performers in their field has also developed. The music created by INGER as well as jointly written music will be played together. In addition, a unique arrangement of well-known local and foreign hits, which are recognized by both younger and older listeners, has been chosen for the program with the band. The INGER band wants to offer not only music, but an experience, charming listeners with on-stage synergy, catchy melodies and good humor. In addition, every concert has a small surprise in store, thus giving each performance a unique atmosphere.



11.07 INGER Cafe Concerts: Ratas&Kohv, Tallinn (duo)

20.07 Concert in Tammispää (solo)

3.08 Kuressaare Merepäevad (BAND)

12.08 Viljandi valla Noortefestival (BAND)

13.08 Tartu 2024 Pride (BAND)

14.08 Wambola Surf & Bar (solo)

20.08 INGER Cafe Concerts: Rohuaia kohvik, Rakvere (duo)

26.09 INGER Cafe Concerts: info coming soon!

17.10 at 19:00 INGER Cafe Concerts: Kringel Kohvik, Tallinn (solo)



Greten Lehtmaa | Manager